Thursday, December 06, 2018

Erik Bruner-Yang to Open (Pop-Up) Yangs with Hot Pot & Taco on H Street NE Tomorrow

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 6.54.36 AM

Erik Bruner-Yang, of Maketto (1351 H St. NE), will open his latest venture tomorrow at 1358 H St. NE. The new pop-up restaurant will be called Yangs, and it will serve hot pot and tacos. If that seems like an odd combination, keep in mind that Bruner-Yang partnered with Troy Hickman for the Tacos Impala pop-up way back in 2010.

You'll be able to select either a chicken or vegetable based broth for your hot pot, pick your sauce, add meat/seafood/vegetables, and finish it off with a selection of tofu, different noodles, or even dumplings. In the mood for tacos instead? Get them in grilled steak, braised pork, chorizo, or grilled chicken. Among the beverage options you will find beer, wine, tea, and margaritas.

James Wozniuk, of Maketto, will man the kitchen as chef. Colin Sugalski, also of Maketto, has been named as beverage director. The concept is by Foreign National (Bruner-Yang's restaurant/design company).

Yangs will be open Tuesday though Saturday from 5pm to close.


Anonymous said...

Is 1358 H St NE the address? It looks like the address of Impala.

inked said...

That is the address they provided.

grr said...

Is this a pop up in Impala?

Anonymous said...

is impala going out of business?

Inked said...

Impala is still up and running as usual. The email used the word "restaurant" so I did as well. This is actually just a pop-up inside of Impala.