Friday, July 01, 2011

Shelton To Step Down As ANC 5B Chair

Effective July 5th William Shelton will no longer hold the position of Chair of ANC 5B. He will continue to serve as the representative for his single member district. In mid-June WUSA9 reported that William Shelton was under investigation for misappropriating approximately $27,000 in public ANC funds (some of which allegedly paid for part of the car note on his Lexus). The investigation is ongoing.

The question now is who will take over leadership of ANC 5B. Vice Chair David Hooper resigned that position (maintaining his Commissioner position for 5B-07) citing his own "busy and demanding schedule." I can't exactly blame Com. Hooper for not wanting to head 5B at this point. Whoever steps in to fill the leadership void has a large clean-up job to say the least. ANC 5B will not meet again until September.


IMGoph said...

do you mean "effective july 5th"?

either way, this is a mess. 5B is being laughed at city-wide right now.

myopic twit said...

Who is available? Can we elect Kathy Henderson's puppet?