Thursday, November 08, 2012

Local News Round Up

The Washington Post's Tom Sietsema enjoys a visit to Shawafel (1322 H Street) for their outstanding Lebanese fare. Roll Call calls Union Market (1309 5th Street) "a shopping haven chock full of deliciously guilty pleasures." Local blog District Cuisine recently caught up with the guys from Sol Mexican Grill (1251 H Street). The owners revealed a little about their plans for the space, and expressed hope that they could open before the end of the year. The Washington Post has a nifty video interview with Erik Bruner-Yang of Toki Underground (2nd floor 1234 H Street). Speaking of Toki, the little restaurant had some pretty big visitors for dinner recently. Washingtonian continues the Toki love fest with a breakdown of what goes into a bowl of hakata classic ramen

The Washington Examiner has an article on the revitalization of portions of Northeast DC. The Examiner also has a short piece on the evolution of Trinidad from an open air drug market to a more family friendly neighborhood.

Along those lines the Examiner reports that MPD is still looking for information that could help them to solve the murder of Melvin Seals, who was shot 17 times at Morse and Montello on Saturday April 26th, 2008.  More coverage here, and here.

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IMGoph said...

the examiner video about home sales was interesting. nice to see a local paper actually recognize neighborhoods, instead of lumping things in to stuff by zip code.

of course, the real estate agent they interviewed had an interesting take on what would be "hot" and "next" when she said Deanwood. i'd agree, but the fact that she said because it would be near DHS is bizarre. it's nowhere near St. E's...