Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Local Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Results


5D01 Peta-Gay S. Lewis (Inc.)
5D02 Keisha L. Shropshire
5D03 Adam Roberts
5D04 Bernice S. Blacknell (Inc.)
5D05 Kathy Henderson (Inc.)
5D06 H. Yvonne Buggs
5D07 Write-In (92 votes).

I didn't see much campaigning (although there was an unrelated group that hung anti-Kathy Henderson signs), but Kathy Henderson found a serious challenger in Marjorie D. Thomas-Barnes. Ms. Thomas-Barnes is a recent transplant from another NE DC neighborhood where she served as ANC Commissioner. Despite Henderson holding the coveted first on the ballot position Thomas-Barnes came away with 104 votes to Henderson's 146. I consider that pretty impressive and I think it shows that Henderson is quite vulnerable given the right opponent.

UPDATE: I can't speak to the accuracy of this claim, but Kathy Henderson wrote the following on a local listserv:

If any resident of ANC 5D05 on this listserv voted for me, I offer a resounding  thank you! My opponent's backers spent approximately $5000.00 to attempt to unseat me.

I appreciate the residents that reelected me to finish the job of moving our community forward.

Kathy Henderson, 5D05

The effort she refers to is likely the anti-Henderson signs. I don't know how much the group paid for them, but I heard there were multiple versions.

Speaking of Hendersons, Adam Roberts takes over the seat vacated by India Henderson when she moved out of her Single Member District. It will be a while before we know the result in 5D07, but I expect those write-in votes will mostly be split between Clarence Lee and Melissa Esposito.


6A01 J. Omar Mahmud (Inc.)
6A02 Phil Toomajian
6A03 Write-In (258 votes)
6A04 Matt Levy
6A05 Patrick Malone
6A06 Stephanie Zimny
6A07 Sondra Phillips-Gilbert (Inc.)
6A08 Calvin Ward

In 6A04 challenger Matt Levy bested incumbent (and Chair) Nick Alberti. I'll be said to see Alberti go because I think he's done a great job over the years. Here's hoping Levy proves a worthy successor.


6C01 Daniele Megan Schiffman (Inc.)
6C02 Karen J. Wirt (Inc.)
6C03 Scott Price (Inc.)
6C04 Mark Eckenwiler (Inc.)
6C05 Chris Miller
6C06 Tony T. Goodman (Inc.)


Anonymous said...

Nice to see that Adam Roberts won. I didn't know squat about him until someone dropped a flyer at my house and I checked out his website.

Anonymous said...

oh god who gives a shit

jaybeas said...

FYI the write-ins for 6A03 are more than likely mostly for Chris Ward, who apparently submitted too few signatures to get on the ballot officially, but is still running for re-election. He was previously appointed to the seat vacated by David Holmes.

inked said...

Thanks! I know that name, but didn't know details.

curmudgeon said...

Wow. Omar Mahmud is the only name I recognize from the semi-legendary Joe Fengler era of ANC6A. And I'm not even sure he was an SMD rep then -- he may have chaired a committee.

Anonymous said...

missing Adam for 6A

Anonymous said...

Clarence Lee was declared the winner for ANC 5D07 write in, as expected. DCBOEE does not provide details (number of votes for whom; just the name of the winner).