Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Agenda For Tonight's ANC 5D Meeting [UPDATED]

I present the agenda for tonight's ANC 5D monthly public meeting. I first saw a copy of it only this morning, and thought I'd share. Tonight's meeting should be an interesting one. As you have likely heard, the recall efforts initiated against three ANC Commissioners (Buggs, Roberts, and Shropshire failed). I consider this to be very good news, as I believe the recall efforts were ill conceived and politically motivated. In the cases of Buggs and Shropshire no petition signatures were submitted. Petition signatures were turned in for Commissioner Adam Roberts, but the total number of signatures was insufficient for a recall.

Resident Alex Hastings returns for what is, I believe, his third presentation regarding an addition to his garage. [No presentation from Alex Hastings tonight. Apparently he wasn't informed that he would be on the agenda, and can't make the meeting.] I the Thorton Development presentation is regarding phase 2 of the project at Montello and Florida. I'm less sure about the ANC 5D01 project. The best information that I have is that's probably either an affordable housing project with artist space on New York Avenue, or it could be about a hotel. [Ok, the ANC 5D project is a hotel at 411 New York Avenue. The developers and Dennis Lee of D.B. Lee Development Inc. and Brook Rose Development.] ANC 5D requested an extension to submit comments on the zoning re-write, so that will be covered as well. Also, the massive unpaid phone bill for the now disconnected ANC phones held by some members of the ANC. Sorry I don't have better info.

This meeting will be held tonight:

1805 Bladensburg Road

Here's info from the last meeting in case you want to catch up.


Anonymous said...

My prediction is this; There will be so much talking on the other issues that the administrative matters will not be addressed until 11pm. I find that people love to hear themselves talk which waste precious time. This meeting is yet another attempt by the failed chair to lead. She rather bog down meetings drawing them out because she fails to plan accordingly. Her failure leads to an agenda that is chalked full of stuff that could have been settled months ago. She does this to exhaust the community and the commissioners who want to deal with ANC problems Kathy Henderson created. Its amazing how one "out of order" person can cause drama for those who want to move the community forward.

Anonymous said...

Very well said! We can look forward to new chair election in Jan. I am certain there will be a change in leadership and we can expect many changes. Until then, we have to do whatever possible to inform our neighbors of the truth. This strategy was most effective in the recall indicative process. Things will get better, I am sure of it.

Anonymous said...

Commissioner, you are out of order!!!!

Anonymous said...

Heard that Commissioner Henderson walked out of the meeting last night without adjourning.

watchdogg said...

I'm looking for a complete change for most of them for this group is not really putting the public first Worried over a cellphone bill, bad record keeping, shutting down meetings when you feel like it, not letting everyone speak that's on your so called agenda. If I had my way to vote for DC it would only be 2 representatives for each ward, they would have a office in the city all complaints, suggestions, etc would come to them. A town meeting will be held twice a month for the city concerns. Plus a developer committee would be place to only hear all development growth. But last night meeting was a sideshow like the past meeting's.

inked said...

The videos are out there in internet land already & I'll do my best to get up a storify feature soon.