Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Local Briefing: Metro Mutts Shifts Gears, Maketto Easter Orders, Open Mic at Rosedale Library


Metro Mutts to Close Store & Expand Pet Services Offerings

Metro Mutts (508 H St.) will close the doors to their H Street retail shop on in order to focus completely on their pet services business. The store will remain open through May 14. As part of this change, they announced plans to expand the boundaries of their dog walking and cat sitting area. A statement on their website cited growing demand for these services in the areas surrounding Capitol Hill. They are currently hiring additional cat sitters and dog walkers. Metro Mutts turn seven this month, and they were recently a runner up for Best Pet Shop in a Washington City Paper reader poll. Cash in any outstanding Loyalty Rewards Points now, because they will not transfer over to the pet services business.

Spot On Training, which has long operated out of the basement of 508 H St., will take over the main floor once Metro Mutts ends retail operations. Spot on Training offers a variety of classes, and they are great folks. I took my own dog there. In the future "here will be even more dog training sessions available, and a larger space in which dogs can socialize, learn manners, and generally improve the quality of their lives."

Maketto Food for Your Easter Dinner

Today is the absolute last day to get your pre-order in for Easter eats from Maketto (1351 H St).

Pork Bao Platter (10 pcs) - $35
Leek Bao Platter (10 pcs) - $35
Cumin Lamb Set, House Made Ferments, Gua Bao (serves 4-6) - $145
Maketto Fried Chicken, Five Spice Caramel, Housemade Bread (serves 4-6) - $60
Strange Flavor Eggplant Platter (serves 4) - $25
House Pretzels with Ranch Powder & Mario’s Mustard Box (6 per box) - $35
Easter Egg Cookie Box (13 per box) - $28

Orders will be available for pick up this Saturday or Sunday.

Open Mic Night Thursday at Rosedale Library

Rosedale Library (1701 Gales St.) welcomes current and aspiring poets, rappers, and singers to strut their stuff this during an Open Mic Night this Thursday at 5 p.m. Call 202-727-5012 and ask for Ms. Kat in order to sign up for a three minute slot. All performers are asked to keep their performances clean.


pat said...

Sorry about Metro Mutts, we have a cat, but, it was a nice little shop.

Once PetSmart moved in, it was probably hard to compete on price on the commodity stuff.
Moving into Services is probably the best option.

Anonymous said...

Agreed PetSmart has been a boon to the the neighborhood. Reasonable prices! The same thing will happen to the other long standing brick and mortar locations on H st. Realize it now and lower your prices to stop the big boxes or you too will meet your fate.