Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Last Breakfast

I went with a friend to Young's Korean Deli (325 Morse) for breakfast on Sunday only to learn that they would be closing their doors for the last time (their landlord has elected to sell & they are currently looking for an alternate space in the market, but have thus far been unsuccessful in their search). I learned of the closing because, after noticing that the spot on the wall previously occupied by the Washington Post article "The Insider's Market" was now vacant, I aksed where the article had gone. Young's Deli has been open for five years & is Mrs. Young's special project. Mr. Young owns & runs a welding business just across the street. The Young's were previously involved in wholesale food business in the market area. Because they were closing that day, they had not replenished the supply of squid that my friend planned to order. Because my friend does not eat red meat, she would have been unable to order the other Korean menu items had Mrs. Young not offered to make her a special chicken version of bib bim bob.
The wall that once held the Washington Post article on a special plaque.
The owners pose for one final shot.
Young's served up not only Korean food, but also American dishes that proved popular with Young's sizable Latino clientele. While we were eating a late breakfast Mr. Young joined two other customers in watching & discussing a World Cup game.
The chicken & beef bib bim bob.


Anonymous said...

I loved the food at Young's, and I'm really sad to see them go. Are there any angel investors out there that can help them open up on H St? There's a lack of Korean food in DC in general, so it might be interesting enough to attract clientele from around town if it opened in a location with better visibility.

Anonymous said...

I second the notion of Korean food on H St. I hate going to the suburbs for this stuff.

chad said...

Korean food is ok but does anyone know a good local sushi place?