Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wheatley Update

Those of you who live near Wheatley Elementary, have no doubt been curious, so here is some info.


Ginny said...

Does anyone know how we would go about requesting that the school district start a Montessori program at Wheatley?

I've heard other Montessori programs are a huge boon for the community and have waiting lists.

Do you think there would be a demand here?

John Galt said...

Weird - I thought it had been on a previous school closure list (not the one that is being debated now). So, I suppose this means it has survived?

Anonymous said...

There are several (5 or 6) Montessori programs offered at CD elementary schools including at the Capitol Hill cluster schools

jen from the atlas said...

I think I have heard that there are plans for more of these popular programs around the city.
There is one at Watkins Elementary which is part of the Capitol Hill Cluster Schools (the other campuses are Peabody for prek and K and Stuart Hobson Middle school.

The application process for this program and I assume the others is ambiguous and confusing to say the least. I would definitely seek out other parents who have their kids in the program to try to fully grasp how the process works.

If you have a serious group of parents who would like to go forward with starting a new program you need to contact Rhee's office and find out what the plans are for these.

If you live near the Hill several DCPS schools have started 3 year old programs that have become very popular. Tyler has a Spanish immersion, Brent and Maury also have popular programs.
And then you can go the charter route, Two Rivers at 4th and Florida has a small three year old program. It's wildly popular so it's tough to get in at 3, your chances are slightly better at 4. They use a very hands-on, project based curriculum model called Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound. They will have an open house at the end of the month. You can check their website www.tworiverspcs.org

Good Luck!