Thursday, February 28, 2008

Draft Minutes 2/7/08 ANC-5B

These are just draft minutes, but because there is a public meeting next Thursday I thought people might be interested.

Public Meeting
Washington Center for Aging Services
2601 18th Street, NE

Minutes February 7, 2008

I. CALL TO ORDER…………………………………..Chairperson William C. Shelton


III. DETERMINATION OF A QUORUM………………………Recording Secretary
Elise Bernard
Commissioners Present: Shelton [01], Woodland [04], Davis [05], Hooper [07], Bernard [08], Manning [09], Henderson [10], Myers [11]

Commissioners Absent: Brown-Daniels [02], Chandler [03], Lawson [06], Paul [12]

8/12 commissioners present.

Motion to approve agenda made by Chairperson Shelton
Seconded by Commissioner Hooper
8 commissioners for and none opposed. Motion passed.

a. Marc Buscaino from Casey Trees
i. Casey Trees is relocating its current K Street location to just off 12th
Street in Brookland. The new location will be a mix of an existing building and new construction. Smith Group Architects will handle the planning.
b. Councilmember Kwame Brown stopped by for a brief visit.
c. Ayawna Chase from Councilmember Harry Thomas’ office discussed the
upcoming Ward 5 Economic Development Summit. She has been working with a group of young adults on job seeking skills. She also provided updates on recent legislation, and briefly discussed the school closing issue.
d. Richard Evans the Ward 5 DPR liaison
i. Mr. Evans can be reached at his office number 202-727-5502, or his mobile number 202-316-3707.
e. Ms. Harper from CSOSA
ii. CSOSA is always looking for community service projects for their
offenders. Community groups can contact CSOSA for assistance with neighborhood clean-ups and other such projects.
a. Motion to approve resolution to participate in the ANC Security Fund
i. Motion made by Commissioner Hooper
ii. Seconded by Commissioner Davis
iii. 8 commissioners for and none opposed
a. Motion made by Commissioner Shelton
b. Seconded by Commissioner Myers.


Anonymous said...

Eh, what's the Silent Meditation part about? Is this the politically correct alternative to opening with a prayer?

Anonymous said...

it works for us agnostics.

Klav said...

Five of 12 commissioners absent? I hope that's not your typical attendance rate. What's a quorum?

Liz said...

OT: I saw a sign for Langston Bar and Grill at 1831 Benning, but was in a car and couldn't read the smaller print. Could this mean they're opening soon??

inked said...

my bad. It should have been 4 absent instead of 5. Now that we have 12 members again we need 7. We have some attendance issues.

inked said...

Liz, thanks for the info. I haven't seen anything, but next time I make it down there I will have to check it out. Let me know if you get a closer look at that sign.