Friday, June 03, 2011

No DC United Stadium at Capital City Market

The Washington Post reports that DC United's search for a stadium location has narrowed, and Capital City Market is no longer in the running.


Anonymous said...

That's too bad... it would have been a cool addition to the area, especially if they built it compact and mixed-use as planned.

Anonymous said...

So what's going there in that space now?

reflexive said...

maybe it could be turned into a old-style market. some of the stores could cater to restaurants, the others for retail. it could have a diverse mix of stores. might be nice.

empty parking lot said...

haha i see what you did there, reflexive

H Street Landlord said...

On point Reflexive!

If they just spruce it up a little it would be great! Plus it's already got the hipness factor.

Anonymous said...

how bout a lake?

Anonymous said...

a lake would only have value to me if at least 2 of the following amenities are available:

1. bumper boats.
2. lazy river.
3. scuba diving. ( we could submerge CM's Navigators to act as a reef.)
4. loch ness monster.
5. bass fishing
6 boating