Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hostage Situation Near 15th & Benning?

@CapitolHillDC reports a hostage situation near the Starburst intersection. Prince of Petworth also has something up about certain street closures in the area. Nothing from @DCFireEMS.


The situation has been resolved. No injuries.


Le Poo des Poo said...

i just drove by. cops are *right* at the corner of that big ghetto apartment complex where the carbarn used to be. tape and everything. only two cops, and they seem pretty chill.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened with this? I read a news story online that some guy barricaded himself in one of the apartment buildings on Benning, but that was all it said. Listened for an update on the local news this morning, but they were too busy talking about the hurricane.

Tom A. said...

sign. WHEN are these going condo?!

Anonymous said...

@Tom A.

Do subsidized housing projects ever get converted into condos in dc? My impression was that the dc govt prides themselves on offering section 8 and subsidized housing.


Anonymous said...

Pentacle apartments are owned by good old fashion slum lords collecting section 8 funds from the FEDs. I agree that the section 8 program I poorly ran, but don't put that onto DC. That place is capitalism at it's best. Section 8 pays above marke rents.

Anonymous said...

The Pentacle is owned and managed by the Horning Brothers.