Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shelton Resigns as Comm. For ANC 5B01

The email below went out late last night. Shelton is currently under investigation for stealing near $30,000.00 in public ANC funds. He formerly served as Chair of the Commission, but he resigned that position effective July 5th. As I mentioned last night, ANC 5B has a public meeting tomorrow night. This will be its first public meeting since the scandal broke.

From: William Shelton [mailto:williamcshelton[at]]
Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 10:56 PM
To: Simon, Gottlieb (ANC)
Cc: Brown, Kwame (COUNCIL); Barry, Marion (COUNCIL); Thomas, Harry (COUNCIL); Gray, Vincent (EOM); James, Regina (DHCF); twp[at]
Subject: ANC 5B01 Resignation

Effective Thursday, August 30, 2011, I, William C. Shelton resign as the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner 5B01. Representing and serving the constituents of Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner 5B01 for the past ten years has been enjoyable, insightful, and gratifying. My fellow neighbors from Saratoga Avenue, Montana Avenue, Douglas Street, Evarts Street, 18th Street, and Franklin Street have worked hard with me to accomplish many goals and objectives. Although I am resigning as the Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner, I will continue to live and work hard to insure ANC 5B01 remains a beacon of Ward 5. I look forward to my continued service to residents of ANC 5B01, Ward 5, and the District of Columbia.


William C. Shelton

(202) 832-6453 - home


Anonymous said...

Did he really have to Cc: those people? Like any of them really give a shit?

Tom A. said...

They're all his criminal buddies!

Robin said...

Does someone work with to keep the website updated? This is painfully out of date and not helpful.

Anonymous said...

Classic ghetto....

Anonymous said...

Thank gosh he resigned. I SURE didn't want to have to bring this up tonight. Now next the Treasurer needs to resign, she wasn't doing her job either. A MESS!!!

Anonymous said...

These ANC people need to get bonded before taking office.

gucci gucci prada prada said...

should i call this guy at home and ask for my share of the $30,000 back, as a taxpayer? with 600,000 residents, that works out to a nickel. he should have to walk door to door with a sack of nickels until he's paid everybody back.