Wednesday, September 28, 2011

H Street Festival in Videos

I thought people might be interested in these videos taken at this year's H Street Festival. The Festival drew a record crowd (around 50,000 people) this year, and that'a awesome. First time visitors will hopefully come back to try out the restaurants and bars along the Corridor.

First up, Man on the Street:

Then some Baltimore Rock Opera Society:

A little bit of everything, including the "streetcar":

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Anonymous said...

A little off topic.However, I have to explain my experience with Tru Orleans last night. I decided to introduce 3 buddys to this venue.The decor was nice,pleasant staff,and a decent selection of beers.I ordered the cat fish platter thats was accompained with two sides. Once the entrees arrived I thought it was a joke.The piece of fish that I had was about 2 ounces. I didnt say antyhing thinking this was a slight over site.However ,when my dinning guest entree arrived it was the same. I was quite disapppinted.Tru Orleans as a person that has worked in the food industry and understand food cost u want last when u slight patrons on food portions. I live in the neighborhood and want to see you succed.

5th street