Monday, November 21, 2011

Open For Thanksgiving

Hallmark Thanksgiving Turkey Merry Miniature
from Flickr user riptheskull

Here's the start (I'll update as I learn more) of a list of local spots open on Thanksgiving.

Confirmed Open:
Capital City (1050 Bladensburg Road): Open from 7am until noonish. Serving chiecken and waffles, turkey dinner, and turkey sandwiches.
Argonaut Tavern (1433 H Street): Opens at 7pm (downstairs only, and kitchen closed)
Smith Commons (1245 H Street): Open.
The Pug (1234 H Street NE): Opens at 9pm.
Sticky Rice (1224 H Street): Opens at 7:30pm. No food. Drink specials include $5 Jameson shots and $2 PBRs.
Little Miss Whiskey's (1104 H Street): Opens at 2pm for a potluck. Email them to tell them what you are bringing reservations[at]
The Big Board (421 H Street): Opens at 7pm. Serving fried turkey legs, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, and gravy.

Confirmed Closed:
Sova (1359 H Street)
Rock and Roll Hotel (1353 H Street)
H Street Country Club (1335 H Street)
Toki Underground (2nd floor 1234 H Street)
XII (1123 H Street)
Taylor Gourmet (1116 H Street)
The Atlas Room (1015 H Street)
Ethiopic (401 H Street)

Please feel free to leave updates in the comments.


RPW said...

Sticky Rice says they will be open at 730, no food. $2 PBR's

H Street Great Street said...

Ethiopic and the Atlas Room are both closed on Thursday, reopening Friday.

Nate said...

I hope everyone working gets holiday pay. Remember to tip well.

Anonymous said...

Why would the people working at restaurants get paid any more that day?

Anonymous said...

We're opening the pug at 9 thursday. I 'm making my staff pay me to work.
the pug.

Anonymous said...

H Street Country Club will be closed Thursday, open Friday

Nate said...

Anonymous 8:36:

Forgive me if you were agreeing with me via sarcasm - it's always hard to pick up on over the internet.

In case you were serious, holiday pay - compensation for the fact that a person is working when one's culture prioritizes respite from work and spending time with one's family - is an important aspect of workers' rights, and is an essential demand of most unions. Non-unionized workers, of course, have to hope for generous employers.

Obviously when we're talking about small businesses such as the many that make H street a great area to live, the owners aren't exactly swimming in money, either, which was why I tossed in encouragement to tip generously.

curmudgeon said...

Does every place have full hours tomorrow (Wednesday) night?

@HStreetDC said...

Whiskey's Pot Luck starts at 2pm, not 7 pm. The food will be gone by then!
See here for Rsvp and details:

@HStreetDC said...

Taylor will be CLOSED on Thursday. Open again on Friday.

We're lucky. Their other shops are closed all weekend.