Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Another Place to Get Inked on H Street

Tattoo: Jesara by gemsling
Tattoo: Jesara, a photo by gemsling on Flickr
A new tattoo parlor is coming to the west end of H Street (416 H Street). Cirque du Rouge offers services for both walk-ins, and those who make appointments. I believe this will be the forth place to get a tattoo along the Corridor, and the second one on the west end.


Nathalie said...

Both my husband and I got inked by Cynthia when she was still at British Ink. She is phenomenal and I'm very excited to see her out on her own!

oboe said...

Is that little girl old enough to consent to getting a tattoo? Will she regret it when she gets older? Anyway, she doesn't look very happy about it.

Anonymous said...

Why another parlour? Did British Ink leave?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Britishink is in it for the long haul -- he's working on my body suit and is 100 percent DC. The other parlour is staffed by his apprenctices who are out of towners or visitors. Nothing to see here.