Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things Heat Up at Fruit Bat


Fruit Bat (1236 H Street) has rolled out its newest cocktail menu, and it includes some hot selections to help you banish those winter blues. If you'd rather use your imagination while you sip or something tropical, you can do that too. Full specialty cocktail menu after the jump.

Drop it like its Hot (Seasonal Hot Libations)


Hot BAToddy
Double Rye Whiskey, orange liqueur and your choice of hot tea (green, berry, or mint)

House made Ginger-Apple Cider with your choice of Cruzan flavored, classic sterling or spiced rum

CafĂ© Con…
Fresh brewed Spanish coffee with your choice: Coffee Liqueur, Chocolate Liqueur or Amaretto Liqueur
Add a shot of whipped cream vodka for only $2
Organic, naturally decaffeinated Teechino available also!

Irish Coffee $8
Jameson’s Whiskey, Irish cream liqueur, hot, fresh brewed coffee and house made whipped cream


NEW!!!!!Spanish OR-G $7
Persimmon, Papaya, Mango, and Lime doin’ it in bubbly

House Infusion Cocktails-$8

Mexican Showdown
Tequila, cassis, habanero, lime

The Avele 
Samoan wonderfulness embodied in lavender-infused Svedka vodka

Black Sangria 
Blackberry wine, black cherry rum


House Caiprowska 
Vodka, muddled lime and burnt ginger syrup

Jamie got Jacked 
Jack Daniels whiskey and house-made maple and clove vermouth

Jamie’s Got a Gun
Jameson Irish Whiskey, cassis and cranberry


Rayful Edmond said...

Congrats to the four winners of the H Street Retail Grant, especially to the owner of the CAT Walk Boutique. Unfortunately her retail shop at 1404 H St NE is one of the properties within the raze permit application submitted on December 22nd. Perhaps we should just ask her to keep the $80k for herself.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time to give Fruit Bat another try. The drinks have always been uniformly awful, and the last time I got a $9 glass of undrinkable "cocktail genius" I swore off it. Anybody know if they've improved?

Anonymous said...

Do people really think that those buildings will get razed?

They look in better condition than those vacnt buildings on the south side in 1300 block of H street that ANC 6A managed to save.

Tom A. said...

Let's give the money to Fruit Bat!

To increase daytime retail, the next 40,000 drinks sold before 5 pm would be $2 off. We'd be at $80,000 in no time!

Ruff said...

Give the money to Metro Mutts.

beaniebaby said...

I really like the brunch at fruit bat and they serve til 4pm!

JD said...

Last time I went to the Fruit Bat I had awful service and watered down drinks, followed by an openly racist and sexist "comedy" night. I hope they go out of business, and the sooner the better.

Likes to fight at Pug said...

Sad for the Fruit Bat because it used to be a decent place. It was great when Sandrea (spelling) and Roxanne worked there. Definitely terrible now. Too bad