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Name That Bar, a Contest

As we learned Monday, a new 80's arcade themed beer bar will replace Fruit Bat. The original plan was to call it Barcade. It turns out that there is a string of bars in and around New York that operate under that name. And, as a representative of the soon to open H Street bar told me "[t]here are at least a handful of other similar names that include bar and arcade and...of course [we] can't [use] any of those either." The owner and his team noticed that readers here were throwing out names on the Frozen Tropics, decided to offer people in the neighborhood the opportunity to name the new bar. The winning name will be chosen from the comment section of this post Monday before the bar opens to the public (for this reason, you should leave some form of contact info in your comment). Here's how it works:

The rules are simple: 
The name should have feel that is 80's, beer, and arcade. 
By submitting a name, each participant is agreeing to sell it to us for $150 in quarters if it is selected. There can be no other bar by this name anywhere in the United States. We will verify this.

You will, of course, also get bragging rights. Game on.

They've picked a winner:

Dear Frozen Tropics Readers, Friends, Neighbors, and Drinkers, 

We cannot express our thanks enough for all of your enthusiasm in our new venture and all of the awesome comments and bar names you’ve given us. This has been so much fun! We have chosen the name Atlas Arcade, for its timelessness and its sense of place. So the winner is Don S, who unfortunately didn’t leave any contact info. Don S, please contact us at! You have won $150 in quarters!

There were so many great names and we were so entertained that we also chose some honorable mentions who will each get two free drinks on their first visit to Atlas Arcade:

Raygun Era (by Inked)
Drunky Kong (by Farcus)
Princess Barstool (by J.G.)
Atlas Chugged (by Negroni)

Additionally, Erik would like to buy a beer for the anonymous reader who took a creative cheap shot and posted “For Lease”. Among the team we also liked “Do Your Homework, Erik” so obviously a great deal of humor has been employed in this endeavor. 

Again, thank you so much all for submitting your names and really having fun with it! As a token of our thanks, we would like to invite all those who posted with their contact info to a private neighborhood appreciation power hour this Sunday afternoon, July 15 from 12-4. Free Pop Tarts for all! (and maybe some other fun stuff)

We open to the public Tuesday, July 10, at 6 PM. We hope to see you all soon! 

Game On.

The Atlas Arcade Team 


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Davy Crockett's Hat said...

"Konami Code"

Please let me know I've won at Thanks

Anonymous said...


rob said...




inked said...

FYI: Joystick is taken.

Cherie said...

All your base...





inked said...

I'm liking Rayguns. How about the Raygun Era?

Chris H. said...


Eight Bit

One Up

Free Play

Press Start

Insert Coin

Anonymous said...


Get it?

Tony said...


Unknown said...

Saved by the beer

Jeremy said...

"Lagers 'n Lives"

Jeremy said...

"Run, Jump, Drink"

Anonymous said...

Game Over

H Street Guide

Anonymous said...

Super Bar-io Brothers

Matt Latham said...


iamjustjules said...

Yueng Jedi

Gonzo said...

High Score
Extra Life
Next Level
Warp Zone

Anonymous said...

They are opening Monday, and did not realize that they can't use that name? Is there a business plan?

Okay, that said: Just call it "Arcade". It's better than anything cutesy. said...

Analog Revival

jamesmitges said...

Pac man bar ? i am also searching it
inspirational music

Jaqen H'ghar said...

"End of Line" was the name of the bar in Tron Legacy.

Ken said...



poo said...


boris said...


Anonymous said...

Cade or The Warp Zone

neutron187 at live dot com said...

Atlas Arcadia
Player 2

Tom Bridge said...

8-Bit & 5%

Mike Lenahan said...

Killer Taps

Anonymous said...

I had the same thought as two of these posters --- super bario brothers and Atlas Arcade (I like the other poster's 'Atlas Arcadia' better).

Other Ideas
8 bit brew house
The Harcade
The Bat Cave Coin Cafe (hat tip to fruit bat --- and who wouldn't want to say "I'm going to the Bat Cave")

Inked I dought ill win, but if I do, I emailed you a few weeks ago about the hooka bar opening.

Don S

Austin said...

Mom's Basement

Anonymous said...

Final Boss
Vinyl Boss

Funny Guy said...

Poo's Dungeons

Anonymous said...

The Other Castle

Anonymous said...

Power Bar

C.T. said...

"Up Up Down Down"

(Based on the classic cheat code for Contra -- Up Up Down Down Left Right B A Select Start)

Anonymous said...

How about "For Lease" ?

Adrian Rodney said...

Damn u Erik I already printed up fliers for the comedy show with barcade on it lol. How about calling it "BrewGames" that doesn't seem to be taken (I googled it).

Anonymous said...


Unsilent Majority said...

Joy Stick Heroes


Anonymous said...

The Reset Button


Infinite Lives

Level H

Unsilent Majority said...



Cavish said...

You know – the perfect combination of Arcade skills and Karate?

I mean, I could go on and on - GymKata inspires so much.....

Anonymous said...

Probably already taken, but Extra Life.

coreyrob said...

Insert Coins Here

Eat the Ghost

H Street Arcade

Great Street Arcade

Anonymous said...



aryback said...


Anonymous said...

Ready Player One [a book by Ernest Cline]
All Your Base
Side Scroller
The Continue? Bar
The Hack 'n' Slash
War Games (or WOPR or The Crystal Palace)
It's-a me, BARio! [h/t to Seth and aryback above]

For a Gibson 80's cyberpunk flavor: Mirrorshades, Villa Straylight, Wintermute, All Tomorrow's Parties


AC said...

n00b's (loving this one)

Cath said...

Pitching it back to the Springfield Mall days: TIME OUT

Xavier said...

Noah's Arcade.

No, wait, that was used already.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start

No, too long. But there should be a specialty drink with that name and it should be RIDICULOUS.

Another Castle.

"Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!"

It you want to keep it simple and H Street specific, Atlas Arcade seems like a good bet (already suggested)

Asaris said...

Sapporo Quarters

Unknown said...

Button Masher or just Masher. It works for arcade playing style and brewing/distilling.

Don said...

Tubular Tavern

Carrie said...

Duck Hunt

Matt T. said...



Eli Lewine said...


Top Score

Mushroom Kingdom


Kill Screen

Tom A. said...


Half of the would be getting people to figure out what the name means!

This is MY contest. :)

Kes said...

Donkey Keg!


it's just poo... again! said...

larry's lizard lounge!

DC in BD said...

1) Game On
2) New Game
3) Player 1

Twitter: @mahbubs

mrickster said...

Noah's Arcade

East_H said...

Best so far, IMO:

One Up
Atlas Arcadia
Power Bar
Side Scroller

I'm partial to Atlas Arcade myself. Sounds more like a place that will be around for a while, less like a one-off gimmick.

Unknown said...

The Game Quarter
Game Change

Unknown said...

How about:

Fire Flower
Wet Your Warp Whistle (or Warp Whistle for short)
Cheat Code
Console Cafe
Reset Button
Power Drain
Pink Sweatsuit
Power Pellets
Beer Pong
Shoot Em Up
or my favorite:
Kill Screen

Dan S. said...


KC Cranford said...




bree [capitolromance] said...


fatty said...

Three Lives

Mike Sager said...

Vector Bar
Heart Container
Beer Container

Ok I'm done now. :)

Anonymous said...

Tilt and Time-Out are names of arcades I went to as a kid

Unknown said...

"Quarter Drafts"

(monthly specials include 25c drafts during happy hour)


David B said...


jsw said...


DCVince said...

Bars and Stars

* * *

DC represent! :)

Make the logo the DC Flag, but with the 3 stars look like the ones in Mario, and the 2 bars brick, with one of them having a question mark block , also like in Mario.

Joe Fengler said...

Level 255

This is the last level on Pac-Man before the split screen of death on level 256. Like a steak house that offers a free meal if you can eat an 80oz steak dinner in under an hour, something similiar can be offered if someone clears 255 levels.

I would propose Level 256, but an audio visual company has it - "Level 256 Audio Visual". I don't know if just Level 256 is taken.

LoLo said...


twitter @suitcasegatito

pshearer said...

Wizard (a la Fred Savage Movie)

Ike said...

The Token Bar

Coin-Op Stop

Anonymous said...

the Ball Pit

Unknown said...

Waga Waga

-- Will Jo.

Unknown said...

Beercade. Not confusingly similar, and not in the same market; I'll defend you in court from that idle threat.

Byte Bar
Abari 2600
bartari 2600 it rain change!

Jeremy Bailey said...

The Twisted Tilt
Brew Kong

twitter @ARandomJourney

Bartender2Go™ said...


Unknown said...

tecmo bowl

Anonymous said...

Why don't you call it Chuck-E-Cheese? That's where I usually get drunk and play video games

Anonymous said...

up up down down left right left right B A B A

M said...

H bit saloon

Unknown said...

Level Up

ZAZ said...

How about:

The Bonus Round

[dave] said...

Secret Level
Save Point
Level Up
Red Wizard Needs Booze Badly
Critical Hit
Main Menu
H Street Fighter


Jay Morse said...



Carla Bruni said...

Le Pay Toilette

RaeOfLight said...

Unlimited play

Warp zone H

farcus said...

Drunky Kong

Jack Anderson said...

Player 1 Lounge (or Player 2 Lounge)

Last Quarter (optionally 'The' or 'Your' Last Quarter)

Old City Arcade (name of neighborhood before Atlas/Near NE)

Ursula said...

Life Bar
Game On
Super Mario Brews
High Score

Jack Anderson said...

a few more:

Coin Bar

Combo Bar

@jackwanders (for these and the three above

Anonymous said...

1. Bogarting Beer Tokens

2. Beer Vidiot

3. The Foaming Vidiot

Contact: Brian

Anonymous said...

The Glory Hole

Anonymous said...

More Lives

wigshop said...

Pinball-Beer+Relaxing - PBR
H Street Bingo Parlor
The Rumpus Room
Shag Me
The Shag Bar

Anonymous said...

My suggestion is to name it after the PacMan ghosts, Blinky, Pinky, and Inky. Clyde is the fourth ghost, but I think most people know the rhyming ones. Here are the options:

Blinky, Pinky, and Inky's

There could even be some play on the fact that Clyde was left out...he could be the Teddy of BPI's.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...


No credit required... Just thank Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman.

Anonymous said...

"Turbo's Midway Pub"
scrummdizzle at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Pac-Man references:

Perfect Play
Split – Screen
Blinky’s Bar
Pinky’s Pub
Inky’s Inn
Pokey’s Pub

Unknown said...

One more Pac-Man referenece:

The Power Pellet

jon b. said...

Quarters Up!

Anonymous said...

The Pinbarlor

Unknown said...

The blunderbuss approach...

Press Start
Kill Screen
You Win!
Player 1 Bar

-P.H.M & M.E.C.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Press Start (as3808a at american dot edu)

alright already said...

Select Start

Unknown said...

Fistful of Quarters
The Final Boss
Power Up
Extra Life

rasalguhl said...

- Show Us Your Bits
- 'Stiqs & Tones
- CaBITal Lounge
- Reset Room
- Filibuster's

curmudgeon said...

Most people are coming up with things that hit "beer" and "arcade", but not "80s". Some people are coming up with stuff that hits "80s" and "arcade", but not "beer". "Atlas Arcade" sounds nice, but only hits one of the three. And some of these (like "Super Bario") might run afoul of trademark restrictions.

How about Bargames?

80s reference through the movie "Wargames", gets the bar part across, reference to games (not quite arcade, but close).

Anonymous said...

"Video Killed the Radio Bar"

Hutch said...

taps n' tokens

or just tapper!

Anonymous said...

Kiddie Toucher Heaven

Camaloni said...

The 9th Bit

Drunky Kong Country

Coins, rings and fruit

Warp Tube 8

Mono y Mono Records said...

Electron DC

Kenny G said...

Byte Club

Andrew W said...

Power Glove


The Console


Don't Drink and Dial said...

Pablo EscoBar
Skee Bar
Reset Bar
New Player
Game Over

H St. RollerDisco (Bar and Arcade) (Not like you can book a room at the Rock and Roll Hotel)

And, while it was officially the late 70s, I ask that you have a shot called "Han Shot First" -- it should be green.

chenedog said...

2 Bits

Unknown said...

Coinslot Saloon

Anonymous said...

Perfect Play

Anonymous said...

Atlas Arcade and 80s Themed Brewhouse Social.

No seriously, just go with Atlas Arcade. Word will spread about the beer and 80s bit, doesn't have to be in the name.

Rayful Edmond said...

George Harrison - Got my mind set on you

80s Arcade:

eck said...

I was going to suggest Brew/Skee, but that seems to be too close to an existing bar,

Anonymous said...

This bar shouldn't be 80s themed it should be mid 90s themed. Children of the 80s are not going to be the ones driving business. Think less PAC man and asteroid, more golden axe and TMNT

Anonymous said...

Drink Drink Revolution

M said...

Already in use on H Street, new build.

Jack Anderson said...

Quarters & Pints

Joystick & Pint as in, joystick in one hand, pint in the other

Points & Pints (or reverse)


BrianH said...

1. H Street Brews (riff on Hill Street Blues)
2. “All Your Beers are Belong to Us” (riff on a game from the era)
3. Crazy Otto's (original name of Ms Pac Man game)
4. Blinky's Beers
5. Token's Alehouse
6. Sudsy Buttons
7. Crossing Frog (like Frogger)

BrianH said...

Sorry, BrianH contact info for above post:

Twitter: @DC_Brian

Campy said...

dcvince had a cool idea

Webby said...

Q-Bert Bar!

Unknown said...

The Brew Level
Brew Yr Destiny

Gayvorites said...

The Token Tavern

Joel said...

Lost Boys

Anonymous said...

The Thirsty Token
H St. High Score
Noid Bar
Vidiot Venue

I also really liked just Konami or Konami Cooler as a drink special.

Anonymous said...

Drink 1-up

Kathy said...


The Basement.

Quarter Up.

Perfect Score.

Mark said...

Atlas arcade
Sore thumbs(&spirits)
`cade fade
Arcade @ H

Anonymous said...


10below said...

High Score

Push to Start

Beer Buttons and Big Hair

Quarter Drain


Anonymous said...

"Drunk Frogger"

Anonymous said...

The Ollie North Years Arcade

10below said...

The Thirsty Joystick

8 Bit Brews

Over the Barrel

The Flaming Barrel

Kegs and Quarters

Mario's Hammer

Fygars and Lagers

Joysticks and Lagers

p.s. I really like The 9th Bit.

bp said...


The Advoc8te said...

Game of Coins
Commodore 64
Two Players
Beer Pong
Beer Trong

The Advoc8te said...

32 oz bit
32 Bit
64 bit
Mega Bites

Anonymous said...

Another Castle (...the princess is in an another castle...)


Side Scroll

Power Up

The Advoc8te said...

Banana Clips
Banana Clip
Banana Clicks
Banana Clip Daquiris

todd said...

Mode Co-Op
First Level
Golden Age
Play On
Beer Command
Bonus Round

Kenlyn said...

The Right Round.

As in beer. As in games. And as in the epic song.

K said...

Video Killed The Radio Bar

Anonymous said...


We all know what's next, and have put it in on countless high-score lists.

Jon Camfield said...

B A Select Bar (yet another Konami Code pun)

Alan Page said...

H Street Barcade.

Problem solved. LOL.

Matt Cohen said...

Galactic Brew

8 Bit

andy said...






Bonus Level

Korova Milk Bar


Anonymous said...


contact: twitter-tgill66

JJ said...

Mario Bario

Anonymous said...

I like "Mom's Basement"

Ratalal said...

Yie Ar Kung-Fu/ I R Kung Fu
KoNamGa (Konami, Namco, Sega portmanteau)
AtaNami (Konami, Atari)
Get a life
Bonus Level
Metal Bar Solid
Bars of Power

@Johnny_Blades said...

Consoles & Cold Ones

Quarters & Pounders

High Score: B A R

Buttons and Brews

8-Bit Alehouse

Drinking Games

Toggle & Tap


Anonymous said...

Bartles and Games

Anonymous said...

I know my vote doesn't count, but I love Old City Arcade--it's not super kitschy or cheesy. It also tips its hat to old-school Atlas area, which I appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Line of Quarters

Justin K said...

The Reagan Years

J.G. said...

Princess Barstool
Tecmo Bar
Star Punch
Vodka Drunkenski

Laura said...

To The Max

@lauraallane on twitter

Ess said...

FYI, there is a bar named Pixel in Ithaca, NY (and it sucks).

Amy said...

Game Over


Waka or waka waka (the sound that pac man makes)

Unknown said...

Drinky, Blinky, and Brew

Six Pac

Flaming Oil Drum

Player One Hang Over


Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark said...

Game On is a sports bar next to Fenway Park.

my suggestion:

markerjk at gmail

Anonymous said...

--it's british slang for geek, nerd, fan-person

kamorris 1230 at gmail

paulc said...

Coin Slot


Quarter Bar

Ben said...

Space Bar (most of what comes on google is abroad, but there is a 'Spacebar' in California)

Anonymous said...

Pints and Quarters

Anonymous said...

Given how Fruit Bat and Church & State have been run, I'd like to echo the concerns of someone up above who noted how odd it is (1) to still be looking for a name a few days before you open and (2) be someone who owns at least three businesses and not know enough to google search your first choice for a name until after you started publicizing it. Also another concern: this is a radical change in themes, but a pretty quick turnaround. I hope that means the owners had been planning this for a while and had already put some work into the concept before they closed Fruit Bat, and not a sign that this is gong to be a half-arsed execution of the video game theme.

All that being said, Atlas Arcade and Waka Waka Waka are my favorites from all the names suggested so far.

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Blow on It
Bank Shot
Arcade 51
Peach's Pub
Power Pad

Scott Stead said...

One word "Glitch". There was a glitch bar and cinema but it closed in 2010. Its simple and hot, hot, hot.

Anonymous said...

Love the suggestion of Pitfall.

emo said...

Ralph H. Beer
Bar Beyond Walls

Unknown said...

I'd like to make the Beer Pong things less obvious, like: "Pong Beer", or "Beer & Pong".

Alicia said...

I have a few:

The Neon Beer Pit
Romper Room on H
H Street Time Capsule
80's on H or even simply a year: 1986.
The Neon Beercade
Sloth's Arcade & Beer Pit or better yet: Hey You Guys
(Those were references to Goonies or any of you youths :-/ )

Anonymous said...

There's also one in Los Angeles ( that indeed uses "barcade" in its name, and has been around in one form or another since 2001.

emo said...

On second thought, I want "Ralph H. Bar"

Anonymous said...

I vote for the hrighteous dude who suggested
H-yperspace. The proposals from the other hwasystoidz barf me out. I propose H Bombz.

Anonymous said...



The Cabinet


JInternational said...

Atlas Arcade is by far the best.

JoshNE said...

How's about just picking a regular name for the place that you like, and isn't so matchy matchy themey blah. As someone upthread said, word will spread about the games, but if you open as a video game bar, that's the only reason people will go. If you open as a comfortable bar where people can hang out and maybe play pac man now and again, the bar can survive even if people aren't as into playing arcade games as you originally thought.

JoshNE said...

That said, you could do worse than to choose an 80s themed bar name from one of the best movies ever...So my suggestion is:


Derek said...

Why not TRON?

Negroni said...

Some good comments here. Sounds like folks want to play games and drink.

SuperPac (maybe Colbert would sue!)

Atlas Chugged (apologies for that)





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