Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reminder: DPW Leaf Collection Schedule


Leaf Collection - Holiday Tree Collection

The fall leaf collection program runs between Monday, November 5, 2012 and January 12, 2013, and every neighborhood in the District will have its leaves collected. DPW will collect leaves at least twice from residential neighborhoods by “vacuuming” the leaves residents rake into their treebox spaces.

DPW also will collect bagged leaves from the curbside treebox spaces.  These leaves will be sent for composting.  Bagged leaves placed in the alley where trash and recycling are placed will be collected with the trash as space in the truck permits.  By collecting leaves, we reduce potential accidents and injuries resulting from slipping on wet leaves and prevent catch basins (storm drains) from clogging and causing street flooding during heavy rains.

Check Leaf Collection Status in Your Neighborhood

How You Can Help
• Rake leaves into the treebox space the weekend before your street’s collection weeks.
• Please – leaves only! Tree limbs, bricks, dirt, rocks, etc., will damage the equipment and delay collections.
• Prevent fires, parking problems and possible flooding by placing leaves in the treebox space, not in the street. When it rains, leaves will block the storm drain and cause flooding.
• Holiday trees and wreaths will be picked up between December 31 and January 12.  Remove all ornaments and between Sunday, December 30 and Sunday, January 6, place the greenery where you place your trash and recycling for collection.  Please do not put the trees in plastic or cloth bags. Trees collected between December 31 and January 12 will be chipped and composted.
• Any trees not collected by January 12 will be picked up as space in the trash trucks allow over the following weeks.
Just the Facts
• Snow and ice will disrupt the leaf collection schedule because DPW leaf collection staff is the backbone of the District’s Snow and Ice Control Program. Expect schedule delays when snow/ice storms are predicted.
• DPW collects between 8,000 and 10,000 tons of leaves between November and January each year. Most of the leaves collected by vacuum trailers are composted. .
• About 5,800 tons of leaves collected during the 2011-2012 leaf collection season were composted. Between March and October, residents may call 311 to request compost for neighborhood garden/beautification projects or go to the Ft. Totten Transfer Station, 4900 John F. McCormack Drive, NE, Saturdays (except holidays) between 8 am and 3 pm.
• A printed leaf collection brochure is mailed to DPW’s trash/recycling customers in October. For the status of collections in your neighborhood click on


diane on I said...

Love the picture of our block.Thank you Inked

Anonymous said...

On that map on the DC gov website how come our neighborhood isn't highlighted with any color? Do they not do leaf collection north of Florida Ave or is this thing just not showing up on my computer correctly?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone actually seen them clearing an east-west street? Every day, I see them cleaning up on the north south streets.

inked said...

Thanks. I like that photo too.

The map is a little weird. If you live in Trinidad they should start their first pass tomorrow and complete the first pass 12/8. You can get that info by typing in your address.