Tuesday, March 24, 2015

$5k Reward for Info Re: Kitten Shot in the Eye w/a BB Gun

I am further advised that WHS society staff have nicknamed this kitten Ranger.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure the next time we read about these urban youths they will have shot something a bit bigger than a cat.

Anonymous said...


Which is why we should permanently excise such youths from civilized society. They are expendable...just like the youths that toss litter in my yard and make the X2 a living hell.

Anonymous said...

This is the first crime related news story I've read about in the H St NE area that contained the following description: "young, grey, male". #Catrification

Also, I don't think you should give a cat the nickname ranger after its face was used as an makeshift gun range target. #ThatsAnimalEmotionalCruelty

Anonymous said...

@ 8:16

you're spot on. what a waste of one's citizenship to do this pointless horrible crime.

one could only imagine the type of parents of these kids.

i would trade citizenship for any of these dumb criminal youths for the children of any hardworking immigrant

Anonymous said...

why are we assuming the criminals that tortured this kitten are youths? there are a lot of ahole, worthless adults out there that can aim a bb gun and have nothing better to do since they apparently don't work, don't pick up the disgusting trash in their yard, don't contribute in any way to society as they hang out all day every day mouthing off mother**er as a punctuation for every wasted breath.

pat said...

well whoever did this, I hope they turn themselves in.