Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Catch Beverly Hills Cop Outdoors 7/17 in Ivy City


This is the second in a three movie series playing outdoors in Ivy City (Ivy City Playground, north corner of Mt. Olivet and West Virginia).  No cover and open to all ages. These guys play old shows and movies that someone taped on a home VCR. So I don't know if this is an edited for tv version of Beverly Hills Cop or not. More about this film series:

this is a first for us -- the most ragtag outdoor movie experience of the summer in d.c. is coming on the 3rd friday of the month this summer in june, july, and august. we're partnering with the ivy city civic association to produce a neighborhood movie night -- a true community partnership from spark to screen. join us on 3 select evenings at dusk for feature-length '80s movies (screening from original, home-recorded vhs) with pre-show "garfield" cartoon specials. you'll discover displaced youth on june 19th, displaced detective on july 18th, and a displaced bike on august 21st. bring friends, neighbors, and blankets to catch these favorites under the stars in ivy city. 


Anonymous said...

Will this be subtitled for ASL participants?

inked said...

I wish I could say the answer is yes, but I suspect otherwise since this is just an old home VCR recording. It's possible they were recording with subtitles, but it seems unlikely.

inked said...

I should mention that all movies shown at Union Market Drive-In (series over for the summer) and NoMa Summer Screen DO have subtitles.