Thursday, October 01, 2015

A Diner, Coffee, & Cask Fermented English Beers Headed to H Street

Recent months have seen a few businesses in the area close (Chinito's Burritos, The Spot Deli, and H Street Coffee & Cafe), but this past weekend brought news of three new places looking to open.

One of these new places is a 24 diner called Blue Diner. The address for this one appears to be 1250 H Street.

Next door  is slated to become Spile & Spigot (1248 H Street), which will serve traditional hand-pumped cask fermented English beers.

Photo by John H

Down one block further (in the old Evolve space at 1344 H Street) we've got a sign that appears to read "Sospeso, coffee, bar & restaurant."


grr said...

i like what i see here

inked said...

A lot of awesomeness here. I reached out for further info.

Anonymous said...

I miss Cap City Diner. Looking forward to Blue Diner, especially since it's open 24 hours. Denny's is gross.

Anonymous said...

The rendering in the blog post shows the second floor windows being cut down to create doors. I really hope they don't do that. It will look terrible especially if they do the double casement/French door thing that is shown. That style is totally out of character with the neighborhood. The only people that do that are ignorant house flippers and contractors that don't understand design.

V+ said...

24 hours! That's not going to last. Save the comment for the i told you so.

Anonymous said...

10/3/2015 1:20 AM Crime Alert 1st District (PSA 101-108)
Alert: shooting at 0106 hrs in the 700 block of H Street, NE. No lookout DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911 W/ EVENT # I20150571043 Sent to 1st District (PSA 101-108) Alert DC Sent by MPD CAD # 3725

Anonymous said...

Going to respectfully disagree with Anon 8:24 on the doors. There is nothing especially historic about that building, and the current windows are sized smaller almost surely for no other reason that economy rather than some greater sense of architectural intention. There are whimsical long windows/upper floor walk outs all over this area on both residential and commercial buildings.