Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Art in the Alley Postponed Until Friday Oct 16th


Trinidad's Art in the Alley has been postponed until 6pm Friday October 16th due to the stormy forecast (100% chance of rain, with high winds likely). I hope everyone can still make it. The location remains the same (the alley between the 1200 blocks of Florida Ave and Morse Street).


Florida ave said...

Is there a time frame for this? It is a bit harder to close the alley on a Friday night with people coming home from work. I'm bummed that Saturday's event had to be cancelled.

inked said...

It's from 6-10pm. If you really need to get in or out during that time, it's not impossible. It also doesn't stretch down the entire alley, so you might be outside of the impacted area.