Thursday, March 24, 2016

Your Baby Can Help Researchers Learn About Language Development

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Photo from Flickr user ckmck. Used under a Creative Commons License

Researchers at Gallaudet University are seeking babies, both hearing and deaf, to take part in a study designed to help the researchers better understand how babies learn language. Full details are available in the announcement below, and parents are compensated for participation.

"How do babies learn language? Gallaudet University's BL2 (Dr. Laura-Ann Petitto, Director) needs your help to tackle groundbreaking research. Come to Gallaudet University for a short study involving hearing and deaf babies. The testing takes about 15 minutes and your baby will watch fun videos while sitting in your lap. Your baby can be between 6 and 12 months old. If your baby is too young, contact us anyway and we can schedule for sometime the future. We pay $20/hour for in-lab and travel time. Parents always say they have a great time, and the babies enjoy it, too."

"If you would like to, or know someone who would, be a part of this fascinating research, please reply here with your e-mail, or just e-mail us at, call us at (202) 618-6808, or go to"

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