Monday, April 11, 2016

No Kings Collective "Beasts of England" at Lab 1270


On Friday the artists group No Kings Collective launched a pop up site specific installation of co-founder Brandon Hill's work. The installation is called The Beasts of England, and it's an interesting modern reinterpretation of author George Orwell's book Animal Farm. You'll find it at Lab 1270 (1270 5th Street), which is a space owned by the EDENS team behind Union Market (1309 5th Street). The space is bare bones, and lends itself well to an installation like this one.


Inside The Beasts of England one finds large scale wall painting, wood sculpture, faux taxidermy, land more.

"Squealer" wood, fiberglass, and enamel faux taxidermy.

"Boxerville" wood and enamel.



"Newport Camo" wood and fiberglass.

"Skantlers" antlers made of shaped skate deck wood.

There is also a pop up retail shop in the space with items from Urban Orphans.


The Beasts of England installation will remain up through May 8th. On May 13th No Kings Collective will open a second installation, called Hustle 2.0, at the site. Hustle 2.0 will be a design-oriented showcase highlighting "signature typography, 2-D artwork, multimedia elements, sculpture and prints focusing on the core values of arts and entrepreneurship." It will run through June 5th. Both installations will be open for special nightly and weekly programming Thursday-Sunday, 12-5pm.

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