Friday, January 27, 2017

Ruth Bader Ginspurr Seeks a New Home

Ruth Bader Ginspurr isn't as judgmental as you might expect 

Ok, while I'm happy to post about missing or found pets, I typically do not post about people trying to find homes for pets. I am making an exception just this one time because of an unusual situation. Many of you may know the person who asked me to post this, it's Zain from Atlas Vet and he really needs some help finding the right home for a special cat named Ruth Bader Ginspurr. Here's what you need to know about Ruth:

RBG is about three years old, and a domestic shorthair. She had been in the shelter for 9 months, when Zain saw her at Petsmart last April. Being the animal lover that he is, Zain felt he "had to just get her out of there." His uncle, who was living elsewhere in DC at the time, was supposed to take her in, but it fell through.

RBG feels at home in the District

Zain would keep RBG himself, except that he has a 12 year old cat named Rafael. Rafael is very territorial and three weeks ago he injured Ruth when he bit her hard on the neck. There's also the fact that Zain's lease prohibits cats, and while his landlord was ok with one cat, he is not cool with two cats staying there permanently.

RBG needs to lose weigh. She's about 18.5 lbs now, but was 20.3 lbs when Zain first met her. She has a large frame, but should slim down by about 4-5 lbs more. Zain free feeds Rafael, who really does not like it when Ruth shows an interest in his food.

RBG would love to hangout and console you about the current political climate

According to Zain, RBG is extremely affectionate. She will not stay on your lap, but will sit
right next to you and nuzzle. She loves to roll over and let you scratch her belly, but only for a couple of seconds. In spite of the fact that Rafael antagonizes her, she is very sweet towards him, and
even tries to occasionally groom him, so Zain suspects she would do well with a non-jealous and possessive cat. Zain has not exposed RBG to any dogs, so he's not sure how she would do around them. He says she occasionally goes outside in his gated yard, but comes back in a few minutes later.

Zain is happy to introduce RBG to prospective adopters in person. He stresses that he "would like her to go to a home where she will get a lot of attention. She is not one of those cats that likes to be left alone. She adores attention and affection, and will follow people around."

RBG will bring some helpful equipment to her new home:

Litter box, litter, (she likes Fresh Step multiple, or Scoop Away) toys, many stuffed, some mice, and the battery operated 'Hot Pursuit' wand (her favorite), two beds, soft Sherpa carrier, and some Fromm's cat food, food bowls, water bowl. Zain says she likes pretty much anything, especially her laser pointer.

Also, Zain has promised free pet-sitting for Ruth for life (or as long as she sticks around DC). If you are interested in learning more about RBG, please reach out to Zain at zain.g.sankaran[at]

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