Thursday, July 06, 2017

Conbini Café by UZU Prepares to Hit the Road

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Local Japanese eatery Conbini Café by UZU is going on the road. Conbini Café will say goodbye to its tiny counter and tables nestled in the back of Shopkeepers Gallery (1231 Florida Avenue NE) on Saturday, July 15th. After this time you'll be able to find Conbini by UZU popping up all around the District and the surrounding suburbs. You still have time to catch them at their current home, and it's well worth your time to do so if you haven't visited before.

Hiro Matsui prepares food at Conbini Café by UZU

Their hours are:
Wed–Fri 5–10 pm
Saturday 9 am–6 pm
Sunday 11 am–5 pm (pop up)

They'll also pop up at Cotton & Reed Distillery (1330 Fifth Street NE) at 8 pm July 23rd.

Okonomiyaki at Conbini by UZU


Anonymous said...

Sorry to see it go. Just discovered it a few weeks ago. I loved it. But, I'll try to visit the pop-ups. How to find out about them though.

inked said...

That first link will take you to their Twitter account. They post info about events there and on Instagram.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Why are they leaving? I really liked it too.

GirlThassRight said...

Conbini was great. Best of luck to Chef Hiro and his future endeavors. Really enjoyed the okonomyaki. Any idea on what's replacing them?

Anonymous said...

Combini is great! I'm sad to see them leave but wish them well!
It looks like Vendetta is closed too, sad day.

Anonymous said...

vendetta is closed for good.

inked said...


Washingtonian has the scoop on what's coming to Shopkeepers next. Apparently it's Ðôi Ðũa, which has held some pop ups there. Definitely a worthy follow-up to Conbini by UZU.

12:48 & 4:00,
I heard that Vendetta recently sold. I'm not sure what the new owners might have planned.

Anonymous said...

i guess this is no longer valid -

Anonymous said...

Good riddance to vendetta. Bad food, service and a lack of direction. Hopefully the new owners put in something better and with a more modern appeal rather than another sports bar.

Anonymous said...

scuttlebutt says it's becoming a huge bear bar, where it is bear night every night. Think Roar but 5x larger.