Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Man Versus Machine in a Race Against the Streetcar this Saturday

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 6.52.37 AM

It's time again for the running of the streetcar. It's a battle of man versus machine as runners race against the metal Goliath from its eastern terminus to 3rd & H Street NE. Runners (and their adoring fans) should meet at Driftwood Kitchen (401 H Street) in time for a 3 pm sharp check-in (with courtesy bag check). Following check-in and announcements the runners (and fans) will board the streetcar and ride to the end of the line. The total course is 1.92 miles from the Oklahoma Avenue stop by back to 3rd. Spectators can watch the race's progress from on board the streetcar.

Driftwood Kitchen will host a post-race gathering complete with streetcar themed cocktails. Perhaps you'd like to try a Sideswiped, a Streetcar on Fire, or an I Should Have Rum There?

You can read WaPo's coverage of last year's race while you eagerly await Saturday's action.


Anonymous said...

Why are you promoting this event? A bunch of jerk offs attempting to make a mockery of a public transportation project that has brought a lot of positive development to our neighborhood. One that needs our support so it can actually get completed and be functional for us.

Tim said...

Whoooa, whooaaa. This event isn't done to mock the streetcar. I would wager most of the participants on Saturday will be very much pro-streetcar. This is simply a Man vs Machine contest; a tale as old as the industrial revolution itself. Any perceived mockery or bias is simply tongue-in-cheek.

inked said...

I think Tim is right that it's all in good fun. I am hopeful that the streetcar will get its additional connections that will improve its functionality overall. I don't think the folks who will run this/watch it are likely to be streetcar haters. It's just a shtick.