Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Shooting in the 1100 block of Queen St. & an Assault at Union Station

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 6.30.34 AM 

There was a shooting just before midnight last night in the 1100 block of Queen Street NE in Trinidad. I don't have any information on the status of the victim. The alert appears below.

Alert: Shooting at 2357 hours in the 1100 block of Queen Street, NE. Lookout for B/M wearing all black clothing.

Sent to 5th District (PSA 501-508) Alert DC
Sent by MPD CAD # 8752

Earlier yesterday (about 4pm) a man assaulted a woman on an escalator inside Union Station. Fox 5 reports that the woman asked the man to move to one side of the escalator, and he did but when she told him one side was for standing and the other for walking he responded by punching her hard in the face.


Anonymous said...

Oh, how wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Did the catch the animal that punched the woman in the face?
He will just go on to rape or kill

pat said...

At least he didn't throw a cup of urine at her.

Anonymous said...

How do you punch a women in the face in the middle of Union Station and get away with it? Some other man had to witness this? Is everyone in this city just a predator or a coward? Where are the decent people willing to step up?