Wednesday, January 31, 2018

18 Year Old Dekale Bowman Arrested & Charged in Death of Taiyania Thompson

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Police arrested 18-year-old Dekale Bowman, of NE, in the death of 16 year old Taiyania Thompson. Thompson was found with a gunshot wound to the head this past Thursday afternoon inside an apartment in the 1000 block of Mt. Olivet Road NE. She was hospitalized, but died Sunday. Bowman is charged with Second Degree Murder.

WJLA and the Washington Post both make reference to an affidavit of arrest indicating that police have a witness who says Bowman told the witness the shooting was an accident. Bowman allegedly told the witness that Thompson was his girlfriend and that the two of them were posing for social media photos with firearms when a gun went off and a bullet struck Thompson in the face. Bowman then allegedly fled the apartment and called a friend for help.

According to another story in the Washington Post Thompson, who had turned 16 only a month ago, had lost her 17 year old father to gun violence when she was only five months old. It's a very sad story all around.


Anonymous said...

Headline says 18 year old but the post says 8 year old. Which is it? Big difference!

inked said...

Should read 18. Fixed the typo.