Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival Starts Thursday

Cheick Hamala will perform at INTERSECTIONS March 10th. Image courtesy of Cheick Hamala

The Atlas INTERSECTIONS Festival kicks off Thursday with a great selection of performances. Most shows require tickets, but some (including the café concert series) are free. You can purchase individual tickets, or buy a subscription package if you plan to see more than one performance. You'll find plays, spoken word, improv, dance performances, concerts, films, and workshops among listings. INTERSECTIONS 2018 includes Family Fun Days on Saturday, February 24 and March 3 and the Youth Summit, which features performances by youth groups on Saturday, March 10. The festival runs through March 10th at the Atlas Performing Arts Center (1333 H Street NE).


Bryce McNitt said...

I'm not sure how to contact the authors of this blog, but wanted to know if anyone is privy to all the development going on along Bladensburg right now. There's a lot happening:

1151 Bladensburg is under construction at long last, a Douglas project.

1164 Bladensburg recently sold last month for $4.2 million, and the old 7-10 market was immediately demolished.

1200 Bladensburg recently had a construction office placed on the grounds and appears ready for some kind of development.

1021 Bladensburg appears very close to breaking ground and becoming the Mercer Lofts: http://www.bricklanedc.com/bladensburg-road/

If all of these projects keep moving at the pace they appear to be, Bladensburg will be fairly transformed by early 2019 - yet I can't find any coverage on this! Curious to see if others have more info.

poo said...

This is old, but could be an indication of direction for 1151.

poo again said...

Also, affordable houseing on 1164.

Ref: http://www.dchousing.org/doc.aspx?docid=2017071111181515310

Anonymous said...

The one at 1152 Urban Turf is calling Kingman Park. Far from it! Between Trinidad and Carver Langston but on the Carver side of the street.

Anonymous said...

Great information Brye---I really wish I lived on the bladensburg side and not the benning road side of the neighborhood. SIGH.