Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Target Headed to Ivy City & Trader Joe's Opening "Soon"

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Target will open a store at 16th Street & New York Avenue NE in Ivy City

Bisnow reports that Douglas Development has signed an agreement with retailer Target to bring a store to Ivy City. The 67K sq. ft store, which is set to open in 2020, will feature a Starbucks and a CVS. It will be located at the corner of New York Avenue and 16th Street NE, down the street from Petco.

Photo courtesy of @CapitolHillPhil

Over in the Union Market/Florida Avenue Market area the new Trader Joe's is accepting employment applications. PoPville posted last week that the store will open March 30th. Reader @CapitolHillPhil tweeted a photo showing that same sign featured on PoPville, but it looks like the date has now been been pasted over with the word "SOON." I'm not sure if that means the date has changed, or if someone just decided it might be better to play coy about a date over a month away. @CapitolHillPhil says an employee confirmed the opening date remains March 30th.

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Poo said...

Wow. Who’d a thunk this just a few years ago? Cray cray.