Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Police Arrest Demonte Hewitt (16) & Kurt Hewitt (18) in Murder of 16 Year Old Tyshon Perry

Tyshon Perry in an image from the Tyshon Perry Memorial Fund page on the KIPP DC site

I missed the news when it first came out May 23rd, but MPD has made two arrests in the May 1st murder of 16 year old honor student Tyshon Perry. Kurt Hewitt (18) and his 16 year old cousin  Demonte Hewitt, who is being charged as an adult, are both facing charges of Second Degree Murder While Armed. The two suspects were actually in being held at the DC jail on unrelated charges at the time of their arrest. According to a Washington Post story Demonte Hewitt was being held on a burglary charge at the time, and Kurt Hewitt on a kidnapping charge.

Police indicated that they believe one of Perry's friends at school was involved in an altercation with another student at KIPP DC College Preparatory during school the day of the stabbing. The two were separated due to the fight. A WTOP story references a witness statement (referred to in court documents) that basically says a witness told police they heard the girl, who was involved with the dispute with Perry's friend, say she was going get outside friends involved and that there would be a fight. Neither Demonte Hewitt, nor Kurt Hewitt, were students at the school. From the various reports it sounds like Perry's friend was scared and had friends accompany him after he left school.

Near the NoMa Metro the girl and four other individuals confronted the group Perry was walking with, a member of the group of five aggressors flashed a gun, and individuals from that group began beating Perry's friend. Perry apparently interceded to try to break up the fight and to protect his friend in what was already an out of control situation. An NBC4 story cites court documents and says members of the attacking group pistol whipped Perry, stabbed him, and kicked him. The WaPo story says that the boy who was originally targeted managed to break free and pull off a t-shirt one of the attackers was using to obscure his face. At this point the attacking group fled, and Tyshon Perry lay bleeding on the ground from a fatal stab wound.

Police suggested witnesses may have been fearful about coming forward with information, and that the arrest and detention of the two cousins on other charges may have encouraged witnesses to come forward. Police also said more arrests may be coming.

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Anonymous said...

DC should close for 24 hours of diversity training.

pat said...

These two kids have managed to probably ruin three families.

The Perry Family, the Hewitt family and the girl's family.

Three or more kids are going up on charges.