Wednesday, August 01, 2018

The Red Boat (Viet Fusion) Slated for Former Micho's Space

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The X2Bus blogger spotted a sign at the former location of Micho's (500 H St. NE) announcing that a restaurant called The Red Boat will occupy the space. The Red Boat, which serves Vietnamese fusion cuisine, has two locations in Baltimore and is in the process of preparing to open four new locations. Aside from H Street, the new locations will be in Glen Burnie, College Park, and Boca Raton, Florida. The restaurant's website describes their menu as "[t]raditional Vietnamese food meets  variety of flavors." Some of those fusion dishes feature flavors that will be familiar to fans of Korean food. The restaurant describes its phở as traditional, and based on a family recipe. In addition to the phở and bánh mi sandwiches you'll find some vegan options on their menu, and also tacos. It looks like the menu varies by location, but here's the basic set-up (with some examples).

The Rolls: Includes fried spring rolls, summer rolls, tofu rolls, and bulgogi rolls.

The Dogs: The Saigon (topped with banh mi ingredients) and the K-Town (topped with kimchi and toasted seaweed).

Bánh Mi: Lemongrass chicken or pork, bulgogi, and fried tofu protein options.

Tacos: Lemongrass chicken or pork, bulgogi, and fried tofu protein options, with bánh mi fillings.

Phở: Beef broth and noodles served with choice of rare eye round, brisket, chicken, shrimp, meatball, veggie (broccoli, cabbage, & carrots). Plus, the 100% vegan Tom Yum Phở (lemongrass & chile paste flavored soup with mushrooms, basil leaf, broccoli, cabbage & carrots).

The Boat: Create your own bowl on rice, salad, or noodle, with choice of protein, toppings, and sauce.

Other Stuff: Steam pork buns with Chinese sausage, coconut shrimp, duck wontons, and sides.

You can follow them on Instagram (@theredboatfusion).

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