Thursday, October 11, 2018

Hitchcocktober at the Angelika Pop-Up


Hitchcocktober is in full swing at the Angelika Pop-Up at Union Market (550 Penn St. NE). Every Thursday in October you can catch a different classic suspense film from Alfred Hitchcock. Shadow of a Doubt plays tonight. All screenings take place at 7pm, and the theater will show Psycho on Halloween night. Tickets for each film are just $10.50, so this is a terrific chance to see these thrillers on the big screen.

Oct. 11  – Shadow of a Doubt (1943, PG): A young woman's favorite uncle arrives for a visit, but all is not well as she begins to suspect that he harbors a dark secret.
Oct. 18Strangers on a Train (1951, PG): Two strangers meet on a train and have a discussion about how to commit the perfect murder. One of them was just making conversation, but it soon becomes clear the other was dead serious.
Oct. 2539 Steps (1935, not rated): A man is caught up in international intrigue when a spy is murdered in his apartment and he becomes the chief suspect.
Oct. 31Psycho (1960, R): Frustrated in life and in love, a woman makes a fateful decision that brings her to the Bates Motel where she crosses paths with the mild-mannered Norman Bates. Others come asking questions when she disappears mysteriously along with $40,000 cash she stole.

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