Monday, November 05, 2018

DPW Leaf Collection Starts Today


DPW's leaf collection is set to kick off today, but the effort may be slightly delayed by our rainy weather. "Wet and frozen leaves hamper equipment’s ability to properly function," and DPW's resources may be diverted to snow preparation as future forecasts dictate.

As always, DPW will post updates on the progress of leaf collection effort on their website, and social media (@DCDPW on Twitter, where they are using the hashtag #Ready2RakeDC). You should also receive a brochure in the mail about the program. DPW is trying something new this year where you can sign up for text or email alerts when DPW will be coming through your neighborhood to pick up leaves.

You should rake leaves in your treeboxes (or next to the curb if there are no nearby treeboxes) on the Sunday before your block's collection week. DPW will make two passes through each neighborhood prior to the end of leaf collection on Jan. 19.  According to DPW Director Chris Shorter, the District expects to compost 7,000 tons of leaves by the end of the season (this includes collected leaves, and leaves brought to the District's transfer stations.

Collecting leaves helps prevent them from clogging up DC Water's catch basin. The catch basins (storm drains) obviously should remain clear of leaves and other debris (so make sure you aren't raking leaves into a pile next to one. If you spot a clogged or damaged catch basin you should call DC's Water's emergency line at 202-612-3400. DC Water "cleans and maintains more than 25,000 catch basins, removing 23 tons of debris every day," and that's a lot of basins to track. But it's extremely important to stay on top of it because clogged basins can leave to flooding of streets, homes (especially basements), and businesses. Trash in basins can also end up in our rivers, so do your part to help keep trash out of the basins and let DC Water know if you spot a problem with one,

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