Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Illegal Dumping at The Salvation Army

It happens pretty much every night. It's individuals dumping all manner of unwanted junk on the sidewalk in front of The Savation Army (1300 block of H Street). Sunday seems to be the must popular day to dump, probably because one can abandon items in broad daylight (since The Salvation Army is closed Sundays). This particular photo (taken a couple of weekends back by R&B's Alphonso Morgan) shows people lounging (one was sleeping earlier) on an abandoned living room set. Dumped items include everything from old refridgerators to boxes of broken dishes to dresser shells (minus the drawers) to moldy clothing. If you happen to see anyone dumping items illegally, you should note identifying info (car color, or type & license plate) & call 727-1000.

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