Thursday, February 28, 2008

Argo's New Menu


The menu:

Our goal is to bring you seasonal menus featuring organic or local produce, naturally-raised meats, responsibly-caught fish and seafood, and artisan cheeses and breads.

Seasonal chowder & soup $5/$8
New England white clam chowder – potatoes, cream, and bacon – melba toast
Norfolk She-Crab sherried cream of crab soup – paprika – melba toast
Arborio aromatic tomato cream soup – Italian rice – parmesan toast

Shrimp Rolls shrimp, lemongrass, scallion, basil, daikon radish, and cabbage rolled in rice paper; Scotch bonnet chutney $8

Weisswurst German sausage wrapped in puff pastry; Heidelberg mustard and cornichons

Beer Board cedar-grilled lamb sausage, smoked duck breast, Emmentaler cheese salad; lingonberry preserves and melba toasts $10

Calamari fried crispy and lightly dusted with fenugreek, chili powder, fennel pollen; tzatziki sauce $9

Caponata Sicilian eggplant, olive and walnut relish; goat cheese toasts $8

Salads $7
Panzanella toasted bread, tomatoes, fresh basil leaves, radicchio, romaine lettuce and red onion; tossed in olive oil, herbed vinegar, parmesan cheese

Avocado with oil-cured olives, pickled onion;
hot baguette and citrus aioli

Country mixed greens with Danish bleu cheese, baby beets, pickled red onion, and hot-spiced walnuts; Champagne vinaigrette

Fried Green Tomatoes $10
organic ale-battered and cornmeal-crusted green tomatoes; cheddar grits and
chow-chow relish

Wild Mushrooms and Pappardelle $14
drunken Italian wide noodles with wild mushrooms; parmesan cream

Gnocchi in Brown Butter $13
gnocchi with fresh basil gremolata, grilled tomato, and shaved parmesan

Wood-fired New York Strip (12 oz) $20
with onion confit and garlic fingerling fries; maître d’hotel butter

Wood-fired Spiced Salmon $14
with horseradish potato salad and rhotekraut

Organic Ale-Battered Cod $14
with garlic fingerling fries and crispy leeks lemon curry sauce

Fish Tacos $10
crispy tilapia with salsa cruda and rémoulade; cabbage-cilantro slaw and avocado

Smoked Pork Loin Chop $16
peppered, slow-roasted and finished on the grill; with rhotekraut and sweet corn crème

Shrimp & Grits $15
Scotch bonnet chutney-glazed; cheddar grits and chow-chow relish

Rum Pineapple Trifle $6
Gosling’s Dark Rum-spiked butter cake layered with vanilla custard, pineapple, and whipped cream

Kids Menu $4
Chicken tenders (2) with regular fries, fruit, or salad
Grilled cheese (white cheddar) with regular fries, fruit, or salad
4 oz Argo burger with regular fries, fruit, or salad
Hot dog (100% Black Angus beef) with regular fries, fruit, or salad
Macaroni & cheese (small)

Pub Fare
Fries (served with lemon curry sauce and coriander aioli) $5
Sweet Potato Fries
Garlic Fingerling Fries fresh,chopped garlic, parsley, and sea salt
Pommes Frites long, skinny, and very crispy
Wings (Buffalo or Barbecue) twelve wings, cucumber & celery; Danish bleu cheese dressing $8
Collard Greens $5

(with your choice of regular/sweet potato fries or side salad)
Argo Burger $8.50
half-pound of ground beef, grilled, with lettuce, tomato, and red onion; brioche roll
white cheddar, Emmentaler, smoked mozzarella, or gorgonzola $1
Vegetarian Burger
shredded mushroom and vegetable patty with smoked mozzarella, roasted red peppers,
mixed greens, and coriander aioli; brioche roll
Jerk Chicken $8.50
jerk-marinated chicken breast, grilled, with lettuce, tomato, and red onion; brioche roll
Pulled Pork $8.50
Carolina-style shredded pulled pork; brioche roll; coleslaw
Cubano $8.50
citrus- and spice-rubbed pork, roasted & smoked ham; Emmentaler cheese, pickles and mustard Cuban roll
Fried Green Tomato BLT $8.50
organic ale-battered and cornmeal-crusted green tomatoes with lettuce, tomato, and applewood smoked bacon; sourdough bread
without bacon $7
Grilled Cheese & Tomato $6.50
white cheddar and tomato; sourdough bread
with bacon $8


Anonymous said...

Looks like they are going more upscale...

What happened to the po' boys?!

Flash Hardcore said...

The gnocchi is delicious. Like, really really delicious.

I have to say, though, I really wish they had fish free tacos on offer as well, because those look tasty.

Anonymous said...

The po' boys were the best items on the old menu! Please bring them back!!

Anonymous said...

I really like this place for bringing what it does to our community. Good beer, food and a place to hang. However, I think these prices are just too much. I know people are going to say that they are comparable, even cheaper than other H st. places to eat but that doesn't make it more appealing (or affordable).

Anonymous said...

I would sugest trying the organic ale battered cod,or the fish tacos! much better than there old po' boy! Really for what they are offering the prices are really good and the sandwiches they kept from the old menu are the same price they have always been! Throw in the fact that they are family and kid friendly now, Argo is a great Hst RESTAURANT!

Anonymous said...

We are encouraging anyone with large groups,people going to see a show,or anyone interested in booking the upstairs to make reservations.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:30,

Where are you eating, that isn't fast food, that had more reasonable pricing that shown here? A NY Strip for $20, pork loin for $16, Salmon for $14, Burger and Pulled Pork for under $10. If you know some place with a better offering for cheaper, please post it here.

Tom A. said...

Yes there are some more higher priced items, but it's still pretty cheap! And by the way, the avocado salad is heavenly! I still have no idea why Granville's often (40 minutes on Friday at 8pm) has a wait, and the Argonaut is much less busy. I wasn't thrilled with Granville's the one time I went, but I want to give it another chance sometime, when there isn't a wait.

Anonymous said...

Too much??? Are you serious?
I have to agree with Anon. 2:27. Where else can you get an $8.50 1/2lb burger with sides? or a $14salmon entree? I ate at Napa last weekend and paid $14 for a burger that was not 1/2 lb. Now that is too much but I am trying to support businesses on H whenever possible. Argo's prices seem on par.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Baby Jesus..... some of these items look delicious.

But I draw the line at baby beets. I mean, tearing apart a beet family that way, leaving a mother beet heartbroken..... I just can't support that.

I think this is a great combo - some classic pub choices plus real restaurant choices, all in one place. This should be quite the winning combo.

Maureen Benitz said...

The country salad is great! I've had it several times!

The prices - def on par with similar places. Not expensive at all!

Anonymous said...

And the cubano is much, much better than the previous one. I hope they can keep the chef around. Really, seeing the menu "on paper" doesn't do justice to just how good the food is.

And, no, $8.50 for a huge hot sandwich with a big side of fries is not a whole lot. And the prices are pretty much in line with what they were since they opened.

Anonymous said...

I am THRILLED about this new menu. The food is really outstanding--nice enough for a night out and also plain enough for a tired weekday night (grilled cheese and tomato soup!).

I've been going to the Argo since day one and I have to say, I was concerned when I heard about this latest round of changes, because I have always loved the vibe there and didn't want it to change. I stand (very happily) corrected though; Scott and Joe were dead on when they steered the place in this new direction.

Try the pappardelle. Mmm.

Anonymous said...

I love the new menu and I think their prices are great. I went on Monday night for the Fish Tacos and West Coast IPA Special. Where else can you get a beer and fish tacos for $11? The tacos were great and I'll be sure to head back!

Anonymous said...

i finally have a reason to go to argonaut, with friends from out of state/country.

i'm tired of taking folks to chinatown or georgetown.

it's about time they got their shit together.

those folks that bitch about prices/menu, etc. can go to virginie-ai-eh, please.

seriously, please go to the burbs. cheesecake factory awaits your presence.

argonaut is finally coming of age.

do most of the posters have a degree in basketweaving, or are they just parochial tightfists?


the menu is finally decent, and i am no longer embarassed to bring my friends from around the globe to a decent place in my neighb.

you want fish tacos without the fish? go to taco time, or move back to oklahoma.


i'm so fucking tired of the birkenstock crowd...

Anonymous said...

Fish tacos are great but please add some real shredded beef nachos with fried real tortilla.

No one does them right around D.C. and you could be famous.

Anonymous said...

Shut up doggie poo poo. The hippies will win. Go back to Georgetown or Kansas.

Anonymous said...

I like the Argonaut, but I liked it better when it was a little more "raw" or "rough around the edges". It was more of a place that represented the neighborhood for what it was and what it is turning into. Both worlds in one place working together...

The food is (and was) great, the ambiance is okay, but I still dig the feel of Granville's more. There is something about Granvilles that makes it feel like it belongs on H.

If you're embarrassed to take someone out in YOUR neighborhood maybe you're living in the wrong hood.

Finstock said...

I just want to know where I can get some newport he-crab.

Anonymous said...

we havent been there since last summer....what has changed about the vibe there? what do they mean by more family friendly? i always liked it there, and have kids, so am interested in this new info?????????

Anonymous said...

If you have not made it to the Argo in a while, we have taken the pool table out and added bench seating, along with booths, fixed both bathrooms, put on a new bar top and built a custom table in the bar window. Added a kids menu,booster seats, high chairs, crayons and coloring pads, and started doing a Family night on Wednedays in which kids eat free. Along with hiring a chef, we have revamped the beer and wine list.

Anonymous said...

You gotta be a bit careful with the 'family-friendly' designation. In recent years it's been used by some businesses as code for 'we don't serve gay people if they hold hands or look too gay'.

I know that's not what Argo means, but there's an unfortunate history with that terminology.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Hillman.
You are correct - we in NO way meant that gay people (or gay families) aren't welcome at the Argonaut!
Everyone is always welcome. And feel free to hold hands!

Anonymous said...

I'm so taking my gay-bours there. The menu looks fantastic. and the prices are better than Granville or Napa. I also feel that Napa could serve better wine. I feel cheated paying 5bucks for a glass of house wine at NAPA when I know the bottle retails for 5bucks a bottle. Yes I'm talking about Tunnel of Elms.

Anonymous said...

In Rehoboth, DE, there's a place called the Purple Parrot that's "family-friendly" in the day, and all out gay bar at night. I love their jerk-chicken. You should check it out, hillman:)

Liz said...

Argo - I'm happy to see that you're supporting organic and locally grown foods; but does that have to mean the demise of the po'boys??

Other than that, the new menu looks great - can't wait to try it out.

Anonymous said...

I think this answers a lot of questions:

nikkiO said...

I don't live in the neighborhood just yet (still in contract phase) and I go to Argo once a week. When we move to the neighborhood I will be there all the damn time! Tuesday fish taco deal is THE BEST! And the Danish Blue cheese is amazing. The veggie burger was a really mushy tonight, but I ate it up anyway. Yum. As for GM, their garlic ranch sauce for the frites is borderline obscene it's so dang tasty.