Friday, January 31, 2014

Help Find Lottie the Dog Tomorrow [UPDATED, She's Home Safe]


Announcement regarding Lottie the missing corgi mix:

Please join us Saturday, 11am at Stanton Park on Capitol Hill (where Maryland Ave. And Mass. Ave NE intersect).

We will be hanging fliers, walking the neighborhood and simply waiting to see if she comes back to the one place she has been seen at with some regularity. Bring your friendly dogs, bring your kids, bring your tape! (Bonus points for hope.)


She's home safe.


Anonymous said...

Lottie was found according to a post on the 1D listserv! Which is great news!

However, someone decided to also post:

This is wonderful news. Truly. I am sure you are celebrating.

For the future:

I wonder though, if the MPD list serve is the place for this type of thread (for the future). It seems more suited for the CapitolHill or HillEast mailing lists rather than the list used for police business.

Also, I hope any fliers you posted will be removed. The neighborhood is often littered with fliers for all sorts of reasons and no one bothers to take them down after they put them up and their purpose has been served. It is very annoying.

Again, congrats and glad you are with your little one.
I'm sorry but this just makes me sick. How spiteful.

Anonymous said...

I actually noticed one of the flyers laying on the sidewalk in Stanton Park this morning on my way into the office.

Anonymous said...

Did Lottie get lost again? I saw a flyer this morning at the corner of F & 7th NE. Hope the poor girl finds her way home again.