Friday, January 26, 2018

16 Year Old Girl Critically Wounded in Shooting on Mt. Olivet Road

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A 16 year old was critically wounded in a shooting inside an apartment in the 1000 block of Mt. Olivet Road NE just after 3pm yesterday. The victim was shot in the head. This in Ivy City, just north of Gallaudet University's campus. Police detained a man who was near the scene when they arrived and they initially described him as a person of interest. They also indicated they were still looking for a suspect and motive. There's been a lot of news coverage, and I've listed some of the stories below. Please note that the Washington Post story does contain the line "about five blocks from where the killing occurred," but also refers to the victim as "critically injured" I haven't seen any other reports indicating the victim has died, so as far as I can tell she is still alive.

WUSA9: 16-year-old girl critically hurt in NE DC shooting
Washington Post: Teen girl shot in head inside apartment in Northeast Washington’s Ivy City
NBC News4: 16-Year-Old Girl Shot in Head in Northeast DC: Police
Fox5: 16-year-old girl shot near Gallaudet University in Northeast D.C., officials say

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Anonymous said...

She died. Seems like a. Lot of women are getting killed this year.