Thursday, January 25, 2018

Ðôi Ðũa No Reservations Daytime Phở Pop-Up Sunday at Shopkeepers

Stop by Shopkeepers Sunday for a bowl of Ðôi Ðũa phở 

Vietnamese pop-up restaurant Ðôi Ðũa, which generally operates on a reservations system at Shopkeepers (1231 Florida Avenue NE) is doing something a little different this weekend. This Sunday (1/28) they'll serve up bowls of phở to walk-ins on a first-come-first-served basis starting at 11am and continuing until they sell out. Doors open at 11am for $14 bowls of beef phở "with slow cooked brisket, meatballs, thinly sliced rare beef, all the fixin's, and Chinese doughnuts for dipping."

Last April Washingtonian published a write-up calling Ðôi Ðũa "the Most Exciting Pop-Up Happening in DC Right Now," so this is definitely an event worth checking out. Here's how the duo behind the restaurant described Sunday's phở in an email:

Sarah updates the classic soup with an American/Vietnamese hybrid of a brisket. Often, the brisket found in phở is simply boiled, but ours is brined for two days, slow cooked for 24 hours, then is coated in an amazing rub with all the spices that go into phở like cinnamon, anise, and clove. This creates the bark you'd find on American brisket, but the flavors are completely Vietnamese. Ugh!!! So good! And I make the meatballs (of course, I am Italian! ), but Vietnamese meatballs are very unique. They are flavored with garlic, fish sauce and pepper, and the bouncy texture is perfect to stand up to the rice noodles and flavors in the soup! Lastly, we slice tender rare beef that is cooked when it touches the hot broth. It has all of the typical garnishes and herbs, and housemade sriracha and hoisin available for mixing in.  

Ðôi Ðũa will not be offering beer or wine, which is generally available at their dinners, during Sunday's event.

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